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Hours After Thousands of Protesters Marched Down To The White House, See What Trump Did

It's now one week after Election Day and as well as days after Joe Biden was projected as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, President Trump is yet to conceded and he's vehemently challenging the results via recounts and legal action, after alleging foul play.

Although legal there is no requirement for President Trump to make such a concession, his lack of concession will keep having a great impact on the US in their post-election transition process. 

Note that, Biden has not yet been declared a winner, he is only a projected winner. There is only one thing delaying Biden from being declared the winner of the American election, despite him having above the 270 college votes. Before Biden can be declared the winner, General Services Administration (GSA) must ascertain him as the winner of the election, and transition preparations will then begin. 

It is to this effect and knowledge that protesters were seen on Saturday night in thousands, marching down to the White House in Washington DC in support of the Trump's administration. 

Images: ABC News live

"Four more years, Stop the fraud", you could hear the Trump supporters shouting at the nation's capital, in a live video broadcast by ABC News. Some could be seen holding the American flag, while some were holding Trump's flag. 

Trump could be seen waving at his supporters who were rushing to have a glimpse of him, as he drove down to his golf course. 

Donald Trump was reported to have said that the projected winner of the election, Joe Biden acknowledged his supporters. 

The current American president's love for more golf games recently speaks volumes of the current situations in America. Here below are what such actions could mean :

He is probably rest assured that he will still rule America for the next for years, so he doesn't have anything to worry about. 
He believes that his proves of elections malpractice may be enough to win the legal battle, in the court of law, and therefore, turning the table in his favour eventually. 
Trump believes more Americans love him and his policies more than they love Joe Biden. 

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