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I Was In Ondo for 90days Where I Was Asked to Take a Woman's Breast as Food and Water - Shina Speaks After He Resources as a Pastor

The legendary robber who has now become a messenger of God, Shina Rambo has appeared.

Rambo, who is widely reported to be dead, is alive and active in the Lord.

Shina Rambo, a well-known criminal who had previously been promoted by the international community, also traveled to Ado Ekiti to participate in a radio program.

According to a press release issued by national broadcaster, NAN, on Sunday night Rambo participated on Fresh FM radio program, hosted by the legendary singer, Yinka Ayefele himself.

Rambo, who calls himself Oluwagina Oluwagbemiga, explained that he had become a missionary and evangelist for Jesus, and that his life had changed dramatically.

He confessed that he was a very good thief who had been roaming the city for many years, and as he was stealing, he was still killing the innocent, and he was using the nose of the law enforcement.

Rambo is shocked by the news that most of the victims are still alive today.

“My father was a famous naturalist and warrior who went from one area to another around this country.

On the way to power, I went to 21 places, including Minna in Niger State and Kwara State. "

"I was in Ondo State for 91 days, where I was asked to take a woman's breast as food and water, so that the power of darkness could enter my body.

After that, I had a thousand and one thousand dark powers, 901, which I used to disappear when I acted, or turn myself into someone else.

However, Rambo lamented the news, pointing to the atrocities that had plagued Nigeria for many years and were caused by evil spirits.

As soon as Rambo gave his life to Jesus the Spirit of God entered him, and he commanded him to give up all the powers of darkness and evil, and to preach.

He says he has won a lot of hearts for God through his preaching, and he has also started many churches.

The former burglar was deeply saddened by the death of his wife and three children, who were arrested, but not killed.

Shina Rambo urges the people who are committing crimes to desist and repent, lest the wrath of God come upon them.

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