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If A Military Man Says "You Bloody Civilian, I Will Waste You". Please Do This To Save Yourself

The military is professionally trained to safeguard a nation from external attacks,and to fight against terrorism.You know that,the training a military personnel will go through,and that of police are not thesame.The military training is more harder than police. 

Since the military(Army,Navy and Air force) undergoes a more difficult training,you should be very careful when mingling with them.A military personnel gets annoyed easily,and aggressive because of their exposure to war related issues. 

As a civilian,you ought to know how to address them to avoid their wrath.Because if you make a military personnel angry,you'll regret your actions when he's through with you. 

If peradventure,you make him angry,please tell him this immediately.Before he'll take any action against you,a military man will always use this statement, "you bloody civilian,i will waste you".Once you hear a military personnel making such statement when angry,just beg him.Tell him immediately that "you are sorry" even if you right. 

Don't even mention a Lawyer in the issue,because a military man takes no order from "bloody civilians", but only from their superiors.The only thing you are expected to do at that moment is to beg. 

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