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If You Want To Live Long, Here Are 4 Things You Should Learn To Avoid About Women

As a man, your first goal in life is to live a long time and do stuff. For a cause, every human being on earth is destined, and this cause must be achieved before you leave the earth's land. Some men were not able to accomplish their objective because of one weakness or another. Any such weaknesses apply to women. You will see a greater number of widows than widows when you look at the world today. One of the reasons for the remarriage of most widowers is that too many duties and pressures cause the death of a man. Some die of the problems of women, and I would like to advise all men to always neglect or prevent these things in women to survive for a long time.

Among the things to avoid are;

I'll begin with your bachelorhood.

1. Avoid pulling other guys with a kid.

I'm not pleased with the notion "if you love her, fight back." Why is a guy going to fight a girl on Earth? If she loved you, she wouldn't have fallen into the arms of another man. Not the only girl on earth, but you know that a better person than her will see you. Instead of trying to get her back, it's better to let her go. During the fight, you will end up murdered or possibly murdered.

Get to prevent this. Learn to avoid it.

2. Avoid jealousy.

Envy/Jealousy kills the soul more than you can imagine. Only in an emotional trauma put your spirit, as you jealous every man around you see. Just because she was attracted to you, just like she was attracted to other men. Try to remember that, since you still date her, she is a woman, after all, she will still have men around her. Some men may be so jealous that when their girl gets calls from other men every time they get angry, why not calm down before killing yourself with jealousy? No one is going to take her from you, whatever they try if there's passion.

3. Avoid her nagging.

Some women in this region are of course blessed due to their temperament, and this fact is important if you understand it. Just because she's nagging doesn't mean that you should make her or even start nagging with her. As a man, you still have to behave every time she starts nagging. Only try to remember that she gets irritated and keeps her from calming down until her temper. If it starts causing your own wrath, I'll advise you to leave the building. When you go back home for a couple of minutes, buy her something, and all that is going to stop. Life has no duplicates, so don't confuse yourself. I have many men who died because of domestic violence, You will, I'm sure, have also seen. Your wife's war has no advantage, so try to prevent it.

4. Be careful with your female children. 

When they are growing up, you are still willing to give them, but when they grow up, you must know that you can not manage 100% again then. Put them down and speak to them sensibly when you see they're beginning to go the wrong direction. Do not press it on, Just step aside to stop early burial, if it persists. Sometimes the best instructor is practice. Maybe if you encounter a bit of life, you may know that life is not a bed of roses.

I saw times where daughters kill their dad, one way or another, simply because the guy doesn't want to make them bow to anyone. Leave her to Heaven and let her benefit from the experience if you speak to her with meaning and she refuses to listen.

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  1. It's very moral to everyone, yes is true life is not a bed of rose.Thanks for sharing this, a word is enough for the wise.....


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