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Meet This New Guy After I Divorced My Husband, I Fly Him to UK and He Abandoned Me - Please Advice Me Am in Tears

Pls post it and hide my identity. my story is long one 
Am from imo state to be precise,but based on the USA,I got married in the year 2011,had two boys,but the marriage did not work,we separated fully 2015.

Around middle of 2017, I met this guy in owerri,and at that time,I already got visa to USA and I only have 2 weeks to leave Nigeria,we became friends,from the first day we had a date I told this guy that about my marital status and he said nothing is wrong with it,we kept moving from June 2017 til September 2020.

This guy has been the only man I ever known,I always tell people that I have someone back home,I was so proud of him,even when people wil be yabbing that this guy wil leave one day. 

I never listened,we kept pushing and at this time,I have been this guy ATM we were able to set up two business,is my had end money considering the fact that I am yet to settle down in the state.

I know what I went through just to pay bills,stil have something to send to him,I know so many things I deprive myself of doin just because I have someone back home,we kept pushing,everything was good til late 2019. 

I called him and told him that he should tell his family about my status because he always tell me that the mother is Onye isi women in catholic the day he mentioned that,I told him,tell ur mum about my status,if she wil accept that,we continue,if not,I wil quit,he refused.

On that fateful day,I called the mum and told her my past marriage,but she assured me over the phone that that is not going to be a problem,that she can’t stop us,it depend on me n the guy,little did i know that behind my back,they said NO,and this guys continued to collect from me.

We kept going,I never knew,not until I was able to push him to try Uk visa application 2020,as God may have it,he was granted visa before the covid,finally he traveled 2 months ago,and all this was 80% of my sweat,😭😭😭😭.

Am just trying to shortened it, because a lot has happened 
After one month of him in UK, I noticed so. Please advice me how do I handle this heartbreak.


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