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Months After The End Of BBN! See What Laycon Was Caught Doing To Erica At Dorathy's Birthday Party

It's been months since big brother Naija season 5 came to an end and the memory of the show is still fresh in our minds as well as the misunderstanding that took place between two favourite housemates in the person of Laycon and Erica.

During the Big Brother Naija show, Laycon and Erica started off as very good friends but as things went on, the two housemates fell apart due to a misunderstanding revolving around Laycon's love for Erica. Laycon had feelings for Erica but on the other hand, Erica was only attracted to Laycon mentally.

Things further escalated between the two housemates when Erica confronted Laycon saying Laycon was gossiping that he kissed her. This escalation led to the disqualification of Erica from the show. Erica fans however, was of the view that Laycon is obsessed with Erica hence the gossiping.

On Wednesday, Dorathy, another housemate of the big brother Naija season 5 celebrated her birthday and both Laycon and Erica were present at the birthday party. This was the first time since the show came to an end that both Laycon and Erica were meeting.

But the fact still remains that even after months since the show came to an end Laycon is still so much into Erica as he was in the big brother Naija house during the show. During the birthday party of Dorathy, Laycon couldn't stop staring and looking at Erica. It clearly proofs that Laycon still so much like Erica.

All through the party, Laycon kept staring at Erica with so much passion and love. This act by Laycon made Erica fans conclude that Laycon is still so much into Erica and they couldn't hide it as they all went to their social media platforms to talk about it.

Here are screenshots from Dorathy's birthday party were Laycon was seen staring and kept looking at Erica all through the birthday party. With this screenshots, It is a clear proof that Laycon is still so much obsessed with Erica.

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