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Must Read for Men! How to know if a girl is secretly in love with you but very shy to tell you

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Do you know that some ladies will be in love with you but will not let you know. Most times, it's not really because they are shy, but because of how the society had projected their perception. We are meant to know that it is the boy that will indicate interest before you reciprocate.

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But the society did not know you do not tell the heart whom to love. Any when this happens, ladies tend to suppress their feeling while waiting for the guy to make the first moves so she won't appear desperate or loose.

I think it is high time we changed the narratives and mindset and allow ladies to become expressive about their feelings.

Also, men should change their narratives too, because they also see women who approached them as desperate. They are quick to tell them that they are the ones that came to them first at any slightest opportunity just to scorn them.

The picture used are for illustrative purposes

In this article I will be revealing to you tips to know that a girl is in love with you but she is very shy to tell you or approach you.

She makes sure she gives the guy utmost attention. This is one of the most important thing a girl does when she is in love with a guy. 

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She will be seen most time hanging around in the company of this guy. She goes extra mile to show love and care. If in a situation that she is the one sharing food, she gives him extra meat and food. She makes sure she is the one always there for him

She tries to be the first to know what is happening in his life. If he happens to be sick best believe she will fins a way to reach out to him even if it means going to his house to tend him.

She must be caught several times staring at him. Once you caught a girl staring at you more than once, just know you've gotten yourself a girl

She will always seem to support you no matter the situation and the position you find yourself

I hoped this article helped

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