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MUST READ: Six Brain Foods That Can Make Your Children Stay Sharp And Focused

The first years are very important in a child's development. Therefore, their meals should be carefully planned at this stage. Children who are learning too slowly should not overeat on a carbohydrate diet. The food they eat affects their concentration and ability to learn.

   These six foods help children develop into intellectual giants:

   1) The proteins and nutrients in eggs help children focus. You can feed them scrambled eggs with whole wheat bread.

   2) Green: Spinach and kale are full of folic acid and vitamins that help control the inequality of dementia development later in life. Cabbage helps new brain cells to grow.

   3) Fish: Fish is a rich source of vitamin D and omega 3. The more omega 3 the brain receives, the more likely the child to concentrate and focus.

   4) Nuts and seeds: They are high in protein and help keep the nervous system functioning properly.

   5) Oatmeal: It is rich in protein and fiber, which helps to keep the heart and arteries clean. Children who eat sugary oats outperform children eating other sugary grains.

   6) Apples and Plums: Can easily include apples and plums in a packed lunch. They contain quercetin, an antioxidant that can neutralize decline in mental health.

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