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My 19yrs Old Girlfriend is Pregnant and Wants to Abort It Because She Feels Her Mum Will be Disappointed If She Founds Out, Please What Do We Do?

My 19 year old girlfriend is one month pregnant for me, I did not deny it coz I know it's me, and things are not too balance in my side, I just lost my job no long now, I thought of removing the pregnancy but my mind did not carry it, have never done that before, I told my girlfriend let it, she said no never, her mum is not aware of the pregnancy yet, if she gets know now, she will really be dissapointed, so am just confused now, my question is, should force her to do the abortion or what should I do,,, things are not really for me to take care her till she give birth and then baby too, what should i do, am so confused right now, thanks.

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