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Naira Is No Longer N470.62 Or N387.32 Per Dollar, Here's The New Value After US Elections

Following the United States elections that held on Tuesday, 3rd November, 2020, there's a hope for Nigerian naira as it recovered by some points.

The price of naira to dollar has always been one of the most rotating exchange rate that Nigerians are bothered about. Even though Nigerian naira was once more valuable than the dollar itself, but due to the devaluing of naira that occurred the table have now changed to the extent of no comparison between the naira and dollar value.

Up to some days after the US election before the result was announced, the exchange rate was at 387.32 naira to one dollar. While the black market rate was, buy 460 and sell 470 naira to one dollar. But as at today (09/11/2020), the exchange rate is 383.16 naira to one dollar. While for the black market the buy is at 458 naira and sell at 464 naira.

What are your thoughts about the price of naira to dollar, do you think this is a hope for naira? Let us hear from you in the comment section below.

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