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Nigerians Reacts as Woman From Sokoto Speaks Igbo More Than Some Igbos in Nigeria (Watch Video)

A video sighted by Kingsparo TV on twitter shows a moment a Sokoto was interviewed with Igbo language and she spoke fluently like it's her native language.

I bet you, there are some Igbos who doesn't even know how to speak Igbo all in the name of "I didn't grow in the Village" and there are some that mixes Igbo and English together to make up what i call "Engligbo"

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According my own dictionary, Engligbo is the combination of Igbo and English, don't ask me the name of my dictionary because I don't even know. 

The Video was shared by PM News on twitter and Kingsparo TV reposted it. 

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Watch the Video below and listen to how the woman was answering all questions she was asked. 

Some reactions gathered by Kingsparo TV on twitter below:

@Kayodespeaks wrote: "Only those that haven't travel wide in this country will be shouting divide divide this country without considering their brothers in potiskum, mongunno, azare, okigwe,badagry etc.
"We are strong together. All we need is good leadership to chat a new Nigeria."

Another Twitter user with the handle @mabdul5159 commented: "This is what we call unity in diversity...! And this is how Nigeria is supposed to be for any citizen to be or live in every state in Nigeria no matter his background or religion. But here we are busy criticizing one another with hate-speech instead showing love & unity."

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@kfagge commented: "If we strive hard, we can turn hating into accommodating . Nigeria is big enough for everyone of us-if only we want that."

Tweep with the handle @ayabie_ikem, however, said there was nothing to celebrate in the video, adding that Nigeria has moved many steps backwards.

He wrote: "Nothing to celebrate. In the first Republic we had an Hausa Councilor in Enugu! Can we dare that now? We have moved many steps backwards since then."

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