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No Wonder He Is Contesting To Become The President! See How Biden Publicly Relates With Americans

The presidential elections of the United States of America has been ongoing since the past 48hrs hours. And the results of the votes been made by Americans has been a matter of concern for people around the world, leaving many in dilemma as in a moment Trump is leading, and in another Biden is having more votes. As the race for this position seems to be at its peak presently, many people in the world are uncertain about the possibility of Trump's coming out victorious in this election.

Though some people are of the opinion that Trump's victory is certain because something similar to this occured when he contested against Hillary Clinton, the results at most electoral polls in America seemed to not be stable. Bidens chances of winning is also uncertain. But a look at Bidens relationship with many Americans and how he relates with them may make you think he would win.

Considering this, do you think Biden can win this election? Please kindly make your views known in the comments section.

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