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Opinion: If A Woman Does Not Scream In Bed Don't Accuse Her Of Cheating - It Shows These Things

Well in relationships today people fail to take note of certain things and accuse their partner unnecessarily, of cheating but I want you to change your mindset and reason these things carefully:

She is not happy: As we know making love is a kind of connection and both partners should be in an excited state. But if it turns out that she is sad either because of family problems or other issues, it might be a cause she does not scream. So as a man your obligation here is to cheer her up.

She does not want to alert the neighbors: Most men like it when a woman screams, but one thing to consider is that she does not want to alert the neighbors as it might look awkward, imagine the next day the neighbors starts looking at her strangely she might not be happy and feel shy, so it's one thing to consider too.

She does not want to alert the children(if she has one)
Imagine screaming during making love and being asked funny questions, like mum why are you screaming last night, so these is another thing to consider instead of just accusing your partner of cheating, consider these things.

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