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See the beautiful face of the lady that was burnt to death my her married lover in Benue state

I share with you in this article the face of the beautiful lady that was burnt to death by her married lover.

On Sunday the news broke across all news platforms about the incidence that took place in Benue state.

A married man set himself and his side chick on fire after the side chick told him she is not ready to marry a married man.

In my previous post i shared the reason why the man sets himself and side chick ablaze, incase you missed it you can click here to read more... 

The man went outside of the house to get fuel, lock everyone inside including himself thereafter set the house on fire.

You can also Tap Here to Watch the Video captured during that ugly incident incase you missed it in my previous post. 

Many people reacted to the picture of the beautiful lady as many are of the opinion she is just beautiful and she caused this for herself for dating a married man at the first place.

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