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See What Joe Biden Said That Made People Threaten to Leave USA

People are threatening to leave USA over the results of the election so far. Many are are not happy with what they are seeing anymore and they want to leave. Joe Biden, one of the candidates of the presidential election of United States who has been showing his conviction over winning the election has received threats from people who are planning to leave the country soon.

Joe Biden proudly said that he will govern the country as American president, even though he campaigned as a democrat. Read what he wrote:

"Let me be clear: I campaigned as a proud Democrat, but I will govern as an American president."

This made people threaten to leave USA for a better place. One of them said that the election was rigged, that he is done with the country. The same person said that he will be leaving USA with his wife soon to Texas. Another person said that he will be leaving for Mexico. Although, not everyone want to leave the country as some people are comfortable with the results so far some responses.

With what we have seen so far, Joe Biden is toping, but he can't jubilate yet because the votes have not all been counted.

What do you think about this? Is it right for them to leave because Joe Biden won, if at all he will win?

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  1. Mr. Trump the earth is of the Lord and all that are therein. Satan might be jubilating over your present situation but Jesus Christ of Nazareth has the final say. Let not your heart be troubled...


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