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She Bites Off The Organ of a man in Her Room After He Asked Her For Pleasure While He Robbed Her

Sometimes I wonder what men of these days really see ladies as. Some think that because women are so fragile, they can abuse them as often as they want. Why on Earth will a guy try to force himself into the pants of a lady? When will the men in our society start seeing value in women. Most of them have forgotten that it was a woman that brought them into this world. Women are precious and anyone who abuse them in any form should be dealt with.

A 24yrs Ghanaian lady which has been identified as Justina Dunka has bitten off the organ of a man in her room after he tried robbing and molesting her.

According to reports, the man is a suspected arm robber and tried robbing the lady. After he robbed her and forcefully had way into her pants, He asked for pleasure (you know what I mean) and in that process she bit off his organ. I think this serves him right. I pray he survived it because such an injury is very dangerous. Did the Lady do anything wrong?

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