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So Lucky Dube Was Right! - Days After Obaseki's Swearing-in For A 2nd Term, See What He Plans To Do

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State and his deputy Philip Shaibu were sworn in for the second term on November 12th, which is precisely three days ago, and since then the people of Edo State have been waiting for him to start consolidating on his campaign promises.

During his inaugural speech, he thanked the people of the state for believing in him for the second time, and promised to bring developments in different areas in the state, and also lead the state by exhibiting core leadership skills like transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness, and prudence, which he said were already core characteristics of his first four years in office.

When you take a look at the tensions and dramas that built up prior to the September 19th governorship election, you will agree that the people of Edo indeed gave Obaseki their love and solidarity, and he has no reason at all to disappoint them. That is why it came as a big shock to everyone when Governor Obaseki announced today that the state government has acquired 25 hectares of land to build a correctional facility (prison).

The elated governor made this known during his thanksgiving service at the Government House in Benin, the state capital. That isn't all, in the report made by The Nation, the governor also disclosed that the state government has also created 725 new vacancies for new generation of professionals, and very soon the recruitment process will commence, and by early 2021 the 725 vacancies would have been filled up by the new professionals.

He said that after the new professionals have been chosen, intensive training will commence for them for 30 to 45 days to enable them to be competent enough in the new tasks that will lie ahead of them.

In the report which was made by Sahara Reporter, Obaseki also said that another thing on the agenda is to create political appointments in the state, and bring in more people to join hands in driving the goals and objectives of his administration. He said that what he is interested in is fulfilling the promises he made to the Edo people.

Concerning the area of security, he said that the state cannot depend only on the central policing system to take care of security challenges in Edo State, adding that there are already ongoing arrangements to train 2000 community constables, and that 877 of them have graduated already.

He said that the community constables who are being trained by the Nigeria Police Force will be deployed to various communities in the state to work with the local security outfits in providing maximum security in the communities.

The idea of making the building of a prison among his top priorities made Obaseki to receive some backlash from members of the public. Many questioned the rationale behind building a prison first in the state when there are many areas he should have concentrated on first, especially the area of human development. They said that the people of Edo would not be happy that after going through the efforts to elect him into office, prison is one of the first things he wants to build in the state.

Some advised him to use the money instead to either build school, factory, hospital, or use the money to develop the youths in the state, because when youths are empowered and engaged there is no need to build prisons for them, because a youth who has something doing will not think of committing a crime that will take him to prison.

Some immediately remembered the words of the late Lucky Dube in one of his songs which he sang - "They won't build no schools anymore. They won't build no hospitals. All they'll build will be prison prison." They said that Lucky Dube was right after all about the kind of decisions our African leaders sometimes make.

Many said that the words of the late reggae artist seem like prophecy in this case, because they don't understand why Obaseki should opt for building prison instead of investing the funds in a project that will benefit the youths more.

Below are some of the reactions from members of the public:

What do you think about this, do you think Governor Obaseki did the right thing by making the building of prison one of his top priorities? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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Source: The Nation, Sahara Reporters, Twitter. 

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