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Stop Saying It's Over For Donald Trump, See Election Results That Show He Can Still Beat Joe Biden

Many People has put Donald Trump in the coffin and nail it saying Joe Biden has already won the election and its over for Donald Trump. Joe Biden is leading quite alright but Donald Trump still has a chance to topple Joe Biden at the top of the table.

Donald Trump currently sit at 214 while Joe Biden has 264 electoral votes which made the former Vice President of America the favourite to go to the White House. However, what most doesn't understand is Donald Trump currently leads Joe Biden in state like Georgia, New Carolina and Pennsylvania which if he wins would put him at 265 which is one point above Joe Biden.

However, Joe Biden has a strong hold on Nevada which is up for a fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The lead there is currently approximately 11,000 difference in favour of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump can still overtake Joe Biden in Nevada and if he continues to take the lead in Georgia, New Carolina and Pennsylvania, then Donald Trump is safe and can return to the White House. Therefore, it's not really over for Donald Trump as he can make it back to the White House if he can overtake Joe Biden in Nevada.

In Nevada currently, Joe Biden currently has the upper hand and with 84% reported, Joe Biden cannot rest yet as Donald Trump's vote is currently building up in Nevada.

So, stop saying it's over for Donald Trump. He can still overcome the challenges and return to the White House.

Do you think it's over for Donald Trump?

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