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Tables Suddenly Changing? See Where Donald Trump Stands Now in The US Presidential Elections

Joe Biden has been leading by a slim margin as counting of votes continues from different states. Latest results from the United States Elections indicates that Joe Biden nears 270 electoral votes which is the target in the US Presidential race.

From the new findings, Joe Biden appears to be trumped by Trump's leadership in Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

Despite his earlier demands of rigged elections, President Donald Trump obtained substantial support from some nations. Trump battles the people of America for a second term against Joe Biden.

A sudden pause in the counts of elections on Thursday, 5, claimed by Trump that he would win quickly, as well as a mixed response from all over the world, if all of the votes are legally counted.

In each state where the winning person is not yet determined, who first crosses 270 electoral votes becomes the next President of the United States of America, the above table does not indicate the calculation for the votes that remain in each state.

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