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This is Miracles! See The Huge Rock That Fell Flat On A Vehicle Without Injuring The Driver

Do Miracles still happens? Yes! Though we live in a world that disqualifies anything supernatural, so it can be hard to know if miracles still happen today. But the photos below are an evidence that indeed miracles still happens.

A video clips circulating on the social media site “Twitter” yesterday showed that a huge rock fell on a vehicle after it rolled from Jabal Al-Hada on the Makkah-Taif road. And despite the heavy fall, the driver was unhurt. Isn't this a miracle? See photos below;

Apparently, its driver appeared standing outside without injuries.

According to reports, the rain that took place in Taif caused the huge rock to fall on one of the vehicles from Jabal Al-Hada, and caused severe damage to it, settling on the roof of the vehicle, while its driver appeared standing outside it without injury.

Despite limited attention to geomorphic hazards in Saudi Arabia, the mountainous region in the south‐west portion of the Kingdom has experienced a series of devastating debris flows, landslides, rockfalls, and debris floods during the past several decades. While undisturbed hillslopes are relatively stable, many rock slides, rockfalls and landslides are associated with cut and fill slopes of mountain roads and other disturbances in this steep terrain. These human‐induced geomorphic hazards act synergistically to exacerbate downslope and downstream disasters, such as debris flows and debris floods.

Reportedly, the Taif governorate is witnessing, for the second day in a row, moderate to heavy rains, which flowed into valleys and reefs, according to “previously”.

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