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Throwback: Checkout 3 Nigerians who were used for money ritual by their own father

What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loses his/her soul in hell? Many people is yet to understand that this world is “vanity upon vanity” many has sold their soul to the devil only to achieve the things of the world. Many has gone extra-mind to do things that are beyond human understanding only to become wealthy overnight, but the truth of the matter is that everyday is for the thief, but one day is for the owner of the house.

This innocent children where used for money rituals by their own father, the person they called ‘father’ decided to take their lives because of money, Below are 3 Nigerians who were used for money rituals by their own father.

1. Taiwo Daramola

Taiwo Daramola was 18 years old when she was used for money ritual by his father, reports made it that her father had been a threat to her life, his father had forced himself on his daughter several times, he had made efforts to sleep with his own daughter, but the girl who realized the gravity of the sin his father wants to lure her into refused to do so, but rather escaped from his father. His father had also asked her never to reveal this to her mother, she never mentioned it until it was time for her to die.

Her sickness started in January, when she suddenly collapsed in the kitchen, and was rushed to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, they told them that Taiwo needed blood, because her blood had drained. Her sickness keep deteriorating, which made them to stay up to a month in the hospital, since they were in the hospital, her father never visited, but rather was busy flirting with ladies. When the 18-year-old girl was taken to several churches, they all confirmed that her father was the cause of her plight, they said that he used her for money ritual.

2. Abuchi Enweaso

Abuchi whose two hands were cut off by his father and his elder brother in Anambra state in a bid to make money. This incident happened in Egbengwu village, Nimo in Njikoka local government area of Anambra state.

Abuchi Enweaso who narrowly escaped the evil plan of his father and elder brother narrated his ordeal in the hands of his father and brother. It all started after his father accused him of stealing a property which he denied the fact, and claimed that he was innocent of the false accusation. Afterwards, he was bounded with a chain and was hacked with a cultlass.

Days later, he was lured into a bush by his father and brother, where his hands were cut off, and was also subjected to many inhuman torture including stabbing his eyes with a needle.

When he was dragged home and chained in the backyard, he overheard his father and elder brother conspiring against him on how to poison his food, he immediately raised an alarm, and also escaped.

3. Onyeka Peter

On the 8 of February 2011, around 4.30 PM, his father by name Onyeka Okoh invited his son to come and have dinner with him in a hotel called ROYAL GARDING, in Udomi Agbor. Since after the invitation, the boy was nowhere to be found, even in the school, his absent was noticed, the school authority went to notify his father and also the police as well, but his father said that he will look for his son, that they shouldn’t worry. Later on, Onyeka’s dead body was found, and also he had a cut on his lap in four places.

After investigation by the policemen, it came to their notice that Onyeka’s father used him for money ritual in his cult called Ogboni Fraternity.

This is how this innocent children died, it is very painful. Rip to the deceased.

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