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Throwback: Watch Moment a Group of Soldiers Caught A Fake Soldier, See What they did to him (Video)

This is a throwback video of what happened some years back. I just sighted the video again so i decided to share it. 

Many Nigerians put themselves in unpalatable conditions due to their ignorant or nonchalant attitude towards some important issues.

In the Video below this article, a man was caught by Nigerian Army, putting on Soldiers' outfit unlawfully. When he was asked where he got the clothes from, he replied by saying he bought the outfit.

It's however difficult to believe that Army uniform could easily be gotten from any market, unlike what the man claimed. Nigerian Army's uniform is a special dress for the Soldiers alone.

In Many reported cases we've seen Soldiers dealt with people who they caught using their uniform without him or her having any affinity with Army.

The same thing goes with this man's case, he got caught for putting on the Nigerian Army dress when he knew quite well that he ought not to be putting such clothes on, since he is not in the Army.

This however made the Soldiers that caught him angry, as they planned to punish him for his audacity to put on clothes which is solely known to be only for the Army.

See the Video link Below:

You Can Tap Here to Watch the Video i have uploaded it on Instagram. 
The punishment the Soldiers planned to implement for the one was to shoot him on his two legs, but the man kept on begging the Soldiers incessantly while hugged couple of Soldiers to protect himself from being shot.

It is outrightly wrong for Citizens to put on Army's Uniform, as a matter of fact, it is a punishable offence if you are caught.

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