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Trust Nobody, See What A Camera Caught A Cleaner Doing In Her Master's House

In this life, it is very hard now to trust people because of what people have done to their fellow human beings. Bad things are going on in the world every day and we here many of them.

This story you are going to read is about a man who planted a CCTV camera in his house to record what is going on in his house when he is not around. You know some people are not good at trusting people, by the way, no one is being trusted this days. He had a cleaner at home, so he always leave her at home to work everyday.

So for him to know everything that goes on in the house, he implanted the camera. So when he came back to check the record, what he saw shocked him. The camera recorded the cleaner doing her work on the sitting room as she tied a towel around herself.

She did all her chores and headed straight to the masters bedroom, opened his room's wardrobe and started searching for what only God knows, she kept searching and found nothing, then she left the room.

The man was very surprised and asked what his cleaner could be searching for in his own bedroom.

The question was just throwned to the air with no one to answer it. So, please be careful who you keep in your house while you leave for work.

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