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US Election: Good News For Trump As He Closes In On Biden In One Of The Victory-Deciding State

The US Presidential Election is not over yet until votes from all the 50 States are counted and results released. The entire world is monitoring the process closely as there are delegates in all the States that make up the United States so as to ensure the vote counting is done in the freest and fairest. President Donald Trump had an early victory at the start of the counting and this made the Republicans to be overwhelmed with joy. Trump expressed optimism in clinching victory and returning to the White House by the time his term in office elapses come January 2021.

As Trump would have it, things stopped going in his favor as he alleged that Joe Biden stole his election as he blew his early lead to the Democrat. This raised a lot of controversies from international bodies who have been monitoring the election process for days. Trump described it as "Election Stealing" as he hinted he would be heading to the Supreme Court to stop the counting of votes after he said without evidence(s) that vote counting is fraudulent in some key States where he needs to acquire a lot of votes so as to edge out his closet rival, Biden.

For days now, Biden has been leading, though with a little margin. Out of the 50 states that make up the US, results from 44 states have been announced, with Donald Trump wining some and Biden claiming the rest; results from 6 states, which include Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada and Alaska are expected soon. From the 44 states announced, Biden closes in on 270 Electoral College Votes which is the benchmark to be declared the winner of the presidential election.

On the paths to victory, both Biden and Trump still have hopes of emerging the winner. With Biden taking the lead already, Trump needs to win more states in order to see his victory come on a platter of gold.

Biden on seeing his lead in a media address expressed hopes of wining the race as he urged his supporters and all Democrats to be patient while the results are counted. He also said that he is optimistic of occupying the seat of the President of the US in White House when Trump leaves January next year. Already he has set a good record in the history of the Democrats for being the first presidential candidate to have taken the lead in Georgia for the past 28 years, which came as a surprise to everyone as they thought Trump would lead in Georgia with a wide margin.

It seems Trump saw it coming when he told Biden earlier today not to wrongfully see himself as the President of the US as he said legal proceeding is at work to correct every irregularities in the ongoing counting of votes. Donald Trump has every reason to smile now because of the recent result from one of the Victory-deciding state.

It was earlier believed that Biden is likely to win Pennsylvania, which is one of the biggest state out of the six states yet to be announced. A win in Pennsylvania would have seen Biden cross the 270 Electoral College Votes and be declared the winner, but Republicans are ensuring this do not come to reality as Donald Trump is closing in on Biden after 96% of expected votes counted. In a recent update as of 1:50PM Nigerian Time, the margin between Trump and Biden is no longer wide, with Trump having a total vote of 3,308,054 and Biden 3,336,887 votes. The percentage votes for Biden is 49.6% while that of Trump is 49.1%.

As of 2:00PM Nigerian Time, it is now 99% of expected votes counted and Trump has closed in on Biden with a percentage vote of 49.2% while that of Biden remains at 49.6%.

Below is the breakdown of all the 67 states in Pennsylvania, showing the ones Trump won and the ones Biden won.

It is less than 2% left to be announced in Pennsylvania, a tie will see Trump still in the race, a win for Biden will see him declared the winner of the election, while a won for Trump will boost his confidence.

What do you think will be the final outcome? Share your thoughts.

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