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U.s Election: See What Anonymous Tweeted About Donald Trump That Got People Talking (Details)

The on going U.s election has being causing tension, people what who they are supporting to win the election. Trump has lamented on the fraud going on in the ballot and he don't want to accept defeat, even if he loses he promised to declare himself winner. The social media influencer know as Anonymous Tweeted on his twitter handle that Donald Trump is engaged in a soft coup d'etal on the U.s. 

I believed he made this statement based on what Trump has been saying if he loose the election. Based on what he tweeted I think is trying to say Trump can under ground work and manipulate the result with out the U.s saying anything. Trump has also made a statement that the election will end in court if he loses, that mean no one is set to oppose him. See the tweet below

Joe Biden is toping Donald Trump with some scores and Trump refused to accept the result and lamented there is fraud in the result. Many people reacted and commented on the post, airing that the U.s election has never be conducted this way. 

See their comments below

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