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US ELECTION UPDATE: Georgia turning into a battleground state "was inevitable," Stacey Abrams says (Video)

Georgia becoming “a battleground state was not only possible — it was inevitable,” former Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams says as voters head to the polls on Election Day.

Georgia is a key state to watch this election. It is one of three states in the Southeast — along with Florida and North Carolina — that are all crucial for President Trump's path to 270 electoral votes. The Biden campaign has also dispatched its top surrogates to the state, including former President Barack Obama.

A diversifying electorate, suburban swings in Democrats' favor and a series of close calls there during Trump's presidency are all pointing to the fact that the state is in play, Abrams explained.

“We know heading into this election we have seen dramatic turnout among communities that typically are not at the top of mind for candidates. We have seen them be engaged, be encouraged, and we have seen them turn out,” she told CNN.

She gave the same pitch for Joe Biden and other candidates early in the Democratic primary. 

“I had two messages. One, voter suppression is real and we have to have a plan to fight back. Two, Georgia is real. You’ve got to have a plan to fight here,” she said Tuesday. “We were very privileged to know that by the time Joe Biden won the nomination, he had Georgia… on his mind.”

In a message to her fellow Democrats, she said:

“We know that we can win this, but we have to show up, stay in line, and not let our panic overwhelm us. But we also have to be calm and patient when it comes to the results. We may not know tonight, but when we get the answer, I'd rather it be slow and right than fast and wrong.”

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