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What US Singer 50 Cent Just Posted About President Donald Trump.

The ongoing US election seems to have put the whole world at a stand still. The election which looks as if the candidate of the Democrat, Joe Biden is leading the poll tends to have erupted many concerns on the side of the Republican candidate President Donald Trump.

However, pending on the ongoing election, results are yet to decide the final winner and the next president of America. This stage of the election has quite revealed how so many celebrities have come out to pledge on who they really want to win the election.

Many were in support of Trump while some others pledged on Joe Biden. However, Donald Trump earlier today demanded that the votes be recounted as he tends to have sniffed a slightest impression of rigging and adulteration.

Apparently, the US singer who is popularly known by his household name, 50 cent has taken to his twitter handle to make a post which tends to show that he is not in support of the Republican candidate, president Trump.

In his tweet he was specifically referring to Trump's tweet earlier today, when he said the votes counting should stop. He asked if one has ever seen a president who ever said votes counting should be stopped. Below is a detail of his tweet.

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