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When will you accept you lost Sir? Reporter Asks Trump, Watch His Reaction (Video)

Donald Trump address the United States of America yesterday where he was speaking on the WARP UPDATE, the United States of America during his address was asked a vital question by journalist/ reporter.

When Donald was addressing the country, a reporter asked him a vital question "when will you accept you lost" , but his reply was what made people react.

Donald made everything possible that he didn't speak on the just concluded elections during his address, he spoke on the positive impact of Operation WARP, this is an operation which oversee everything about COVID19.

Trump said he has made the vaccine free for the people but they are not sure when the distribution will be, this is base on the company update.

After he rounded up his speech, a reporter asjed him loudly when will he accept that he lost the election, instead of Trump answering the question, he just strolled back into the white house from the Rose garden without a response.


Donald Trump turned a deaf hear as he refuses to answer the reportes question.

Even though latest update show Biden at 306 electoral votes, Donald is still not ready to concede defeat, check out how Americans react after what Trump did.

Trump said they would be going to the supreme court.

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