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Wike Sends Strong Message To The Igbo People In Rivers State. Check out What He Told Them (Details)

Several days ago, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State had been caught under the web of controversy following the alleged massacre of Igbo people by the military in Oyigbo community in Rivers State. For days members of the public had asked questions about what was really going on in Oyigbo when reports of wanton killings and bloodshed began to inundate social media and the cyberspace.

Several reports did surface online alleging that in the aftermath of the #EndSARS protest, members of the proscribed IPOB group had launched an attack on the Hausa people in the community, and even went as far as hoisting the flag of IPOB there, and Wike did not find that funny, and then sent the military to Oyigbo to clamp down on the members of the proscribed IPOB group.

According to online reports, the clamping down on the IPOB members by the military had allegedly resulted in indiscriminate killings of Igbo people, including the innocent ones. And we did see videos and photos of people whose lives had allegedly been cut short by flying bullets.

Some people, especially the Igbos, began to label Wike as being anti-Igbo, accusing him of launching an attack against Igbo people in Oyigbo. They said that the 24-hour curfew imposed on the town by Governor Wike for days and the wanton killings were too harsh for the residents of the town which are mostly Igbos. Due to the verbal attacks, Governor Wike had spoken up after some days to clear the air, saying that he did not send the military to kill Igbo people in Oyigbo. Recall that Governor Wike had made it clear that he will not tolerate any form of activity from the proscribed IPOB group in any part of Rivers State.

And yesterday, Governor Wike sent a strong message to the Igbo people resident in River State and reaffirmed his stance on them and the interests of the Igbo race in Rivers State. In a meeting with South-East Governors, leaders of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the Igbo community in Rivers State held at the Government House, Port Harcourt, yesterday, Wike said that Rivers State will continue to be home to the Igbo people.

He said that in the wake of Oyigbo crisis, some people had started spreading rumours that he was chasing the Igbo out of Rivers State, a rumour he said was false and baseless. He said that the relationship between the Igbo people and the people of Rivers State come from way back, and there is no way he could have chased the Igbo out of Rivers State.

He asked the South-East Governors, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo group and the Igbo community present in the meeting to tell their people that Rivers State people will continue to live peacefully with the Igbo people. He told them not to allow anyone to tell them lies, because he loves the Igbo people because of their innovative and hardworking nature. He added that there can be no Nigeria without the Igbo people, and that nobody can take them for granted, but that doesn't mean they should allow the criminal ones among them to spoil the good name of the Igbo race.

He further added that if he hated Igbo as some people said in different quarters then he wouldn't have appointed an Igbo man into his cabinet twice, so the appointment shows that he has nothing against the Igbo. But he warned them not to allow criminals decide what they should do, and they also need to obey the rules of the state and not engage in any activity that is capable of disrupting peace and security.

He then told them about the atrocious activities that the IPOB members were carrying out in Oyigbo that made him to impose curfew on the town. He said the purpose of the curfew was to ensure that peace is returned to the town after what IPOB had done there.

The Igbo leaders present there assured the governor that they do not support what the IPOB did in the state, saying that the proscribed IPOB group does not represent the Igbo, and urged him to continue maintaining a cordial relationship between the people of Rivers State and the Igbo people in Rivers state.

It's good that the South-East governors and the Igbo elders and community paid this visit to Wike, and it's better that Wike spoke up concerning this. He has made it clear that he doesn't hate the Igbo people. The curfew that was imposed on Oyigbo was for the good of both the people of Rivers State and the Igbo people in the community, and to make sure that the town doesn't slip into anarchy.

Wike is right about the age-old relationship that exists between the people of Rivers State and the Igbo people. Those who have been to Rivers State or have lived in Rivers State before can attest to the large number of Igbo people that live and do business in the state.

What is your take on this message from Governor Wike? Let's hear you out in the comments section below.

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Source: Vanguard.

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