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Wonders Shall Never End! Husband Destroyed Goods Worth Millions in Wife's Supermarket, See Reason

Even though marriage is sweet, it's not easy to keep up a family. Many people who were initially married are now divorce while some are separated. This is not usually because of love scarcity in the relationship, it's just that marriage is worth more than just love. Of a truth love is a fuel to run ones marital life but love alone isn't enough. One should learn how to be selfless and very tolerant and understanding to keep your marriage sweet and strong.

A post surface online showing pictures of a woman's supermarket which was Allegedly destroyed by the husband. According to the post which could be seen from the screenshot above. 

The man opened the supermarket for his wife so that it could be of financial help to the family but since then the woman have not being supporting the family financially but rather have enough money to sponsor her brothers travel abroad. 

According to the post the man is the one responsible for even the children's pencil and books. This isn't so good, as both partners are supposed to be supporting the family not one individual. According to the post the goods that were destroyed Worth's millions. Below are pictures of the destroyed goods in the supermarket as posted on Facebook.

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