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Years Ago, A Mother Was Rushed To The Hospital To Give Birth To A Triplet - See What Happened Next

Finding out that you are looking forward to a triplet is a surprise for each mother. So when the medical doctors informed 23 year old Becki-Jo Allen she was pregnant with 3 kids in her stomach, she became shocked.

But as quickly as Becki gave birth to the babies, she was given another surprise - one which no one was prepared for. It seems that her 3 baby boys are very rare: they're identical triplet.

The couple, who stay in Liverpool, England, had no concept what number of more children they could have till Becky-Jo Allen saw her ultrasound examination.

Early in her pregnancy, Becki suffered from intense headaches. The medical doctors had prescribed her ultrasound early, and that was when the couple found out the news: Becki was pregnant with a triplet.

The 3 boys, Roman, Rocco and Rohan, were born through caesarean surgical operation when Becki was in her thirty first week of pregnancy.

The kids weighed about 1.5 kg and needed to stay in the health center for a month and a half.

Pregnancy with a triplet normally brings many headaches with it, and it is uncommon that each three babies survive.

Fortunately, all 3 boys survived and started to gain weight. And after a month and a half in the health center, the little trio were ready to return back home.

The medical doctors said the triplet were not identical. But everybody who visited the family saw how similar they were. So Becki-Jo was determined to investigate.

She contacted an organisation to conduct a DNA test. After taking samples and sending them to the lab, she was given the answer. Roman, Rocco and Rohan were genetically identical.

But each has a unique character. And all of them have a birthmark between the eyebrows, but a bit darker than the others.

The trio makes use of about 130 diapers a week. Add 5 wipes packs a week, and you could understand that the mother and father of these babies do not have a moment of rest.

Meanwhile, these little lovely ones will obtain a whole lot of attention. And we think they truely deserves it, due to the fact they are such a cute bunch of boys.

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