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You Could Not Manage A State Yet You Want To Run For Presidency - Apostle Blasts Northern Governor

It is a norm for politicians to make their intentions known before hand, let people know if they are interested in a political position, I'd they would run for a particular position or not, in this case, a northern governor is hurting a rock for stating his intentions.

After a northern governor said he would be contesting for the 2023 presidential election, he was meted with a troll by Apostle Johnson Suleman, he stated that the governor could not even mange his own state when he was governor and now he wants to manage a country.

Apsotle Johnson Suleman refered to him as a joker, stating that he would do worse to a country than he did to a state, he added that the state managed by the northern governor when he was governor gree to become the worse and most volatile state in the northern part of Nigeria.

Even after the masses, most especially the youths are agitating for a president who would be in his youthful age for 2023, the governor went ahead to air his mind and boom, apostle Suleman attached him, he decided not to mention and we have decided also not to mention the governors name.

Apostle Johnson Suleman remains one of the pastors in Nigeria who do no keep quiet whenever s politician misbehaves or goes contrary, he speaks and curses politicians who in the name of leadership make the people to suffer in any way.

On his office twitter handle few minutes ago he tweeted saying;

"A governor who couldn't manage his state and it's become the most volatile state in northern Nigeria wants to run for president...joker.."

Here's a screenshot is his tweet;

His tweet has been causing a lot of reactions online. Many are not happy with what he said but majority are, they in fact support him and stated that the eyes of the Nigerian people is now wide open, not as closed as it used to be.

Many are against the fact that a man of God was talking about politics, even showing support for a particular party but the apostle himself replied such people letting them know that he is not supporting a party.

Here are screenshots of some of the reactions and comments on his tweet;

Do you think Apsotle Johnson Suleman went too far with this? Even though he did not mention names, we all know who he was referring to and therefore the party is speaking against.

I am not against a pastor talking about politics or who to vote or root for, but for the fact that this man has been talking about politics from the beginning, talking against everyone, both APC and PDP who is not doing well, I am in for him, I support him.

What's your take on this?

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