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You want to enlarge your male cucumber naturally and last long? Practice these secret 4 times a week

Have your wife or your partner been complaining about your size? Here I will help you with some secrets that you will have to practice at least 2 times a week with out you spending too much of money to make you be a man.

It is really obvious that most women usually give so much complains about the size, and also complain about the time you spend on them, they always want something bigger than could last for about 1:30minutes and above to satisfy them. So don't have to panic much, here I will present to you a very simple secret you should practice at at least once a day or four times a week, and you will be amaze about the outcome.

1. Before you start the exercise, you will have to trim the particular to look neat.

2. You should consume lots of banana, cucumber and date in other to keep your blood active, as the increment begins gradually, you will have to practice it at least 4 times in a week for a bigger and better outcome.

3.avoid consumption of sugar, it's really dangerous to men especially at the early age of a man. Its more advice able you take honey to sugar.

4. You will have to consume much of bitter kola, to reduce the glucose rate in your body,it helps in the premature drive, helps maintain activeness, and increases any size if consumed on a regular basis.

5. Combine lemon, ginger, and cucumber, this is one of the most crucial secrets you will never hear around. Boil them together and serve it hot for better outcomes. It also burns very important belly fat.

If you practice the simple secret for one week or even more, you can do your best by avoiding all this creams and pills because they could cause chemical harm to you.

what are your takes on this?

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