How to Signup on Netflix, Signup Netflix Free Trial, Netflix Subscription Plans and Prices

 You can't sign up for netflix? can't sign up for netflix free trial? or can't sign up into netflix? here are some simple things you are  to follow to signup or register and account on netflix.

Someone asked why netflix can't sign up? This is one of the question we will tackle in this post. You can't signup on netflix because you have not meet up with the signup requirements which am gonna list below:

Before you signup successfully to Netflix you must:

1. Download the Netflix Mobile App or Use Your Browser to Signup

if you are using an andriod device, you cam download the app from google playstore. For Iphone users you can download the application from Apple App Store, alternatively you can also signup through Netflix Official Website.

To signup Netflix free trail, after downloading the applications as mention above, click on "Start Your Month Free"


2. Select A Plan

Does netflix have a sign up fee? The answer is yes. Netflix has 3 different signup fee or subscription plan. Each subscription plan has different fee and are unique in features. 

In each of the plans, you:

Have unlimited access to movies and TV shows on Netflix. 

Can cancel at anytime and the first month is free. 

Can stream from your laptop, phone or tablet.

 How to Cancel Netflix Signup

To cancel nextflix signup logon to the website or application you will see where to cancel.
Cancel your membership at anytime during that first month and you will not be charged. Netflix will email you three days before your free trial ends to remind you. They are nice like that.

Netflix Subscription Plans and Price


 Basic Plan (Price: US$7.99 per month)

  • With this plan, you can only stream from one of your devices at a time.
  • You cannot stream in HD or Ultra HD. Sorry.

Standard Plan (Price: US$9.99 per month)

  • You can stream HD videos.
  • You can stream from only 2 devices at a time.

Premium Plans (Price: US$11.99 per month)

  • You can stream in HD and Ultra HD. Cool.
  • You can watch on four different screens at a time.

3. Enter Your Payment Details

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