Am I (21M) supposed to apologize to my Ex-GF (21F) because she cheated?

Hi, RA. (Ex-GF and I were 2 years together, and she has a history of cheating)

My ex-girlfriend recently cheated on me with two different guys, her ex, and some other guy. 

She met up with her ex-boyfriend behind my back at first and although I got angry at her about it, I still decided I wanted to continue things and fix whatever issue we were having in our relationship.

 She agreed to do so and fast forward a week later I hear from someone else that she's been sleeping with some other guy in his house. What made it worse is I was still talking to her during those times and asked her if she was seeing some other guy and she always said no. 

She came over to my house afterwards and I found her covered with hickeys and love bites from another guy so I was disgusted to even try and kiss her. Long drama times later, she asked me for another chance because "she loved me" and "she doesn't know why she did that".

Here's the funny part, she keeps telling me that what she did wasn't cheating and that we were (relationship-wise) apart. Keep in mind that during that week I kept inviting her out/to my house so I can properly interact with her and have fun with her. I told her I'd accept her if she accepts that what she did was cheating and it'd be on my own terms if she wanted to come back.

Now before she even met up with her ex, I started thinking about what I may have done wrong. I: have talked to her about my problems and was trying to push her away sometimes because she would try, call and wanted me to stay on phone with her 24/7 when sometimes I just wanted to relax and be alone with my thoughts. I tried inviting her out (because I interact much better with her that way) multiple times (to both my apartment and dates outside) but she kept rejecting and always made up reasons about why she couldn't go out.

Funny thing is she wants me to apologize and change because "she doesn't feel like I truly love her" and "I don't give her much attention" (if I go back in a relationship with her) even though I called her every night, watch movies with her and sleep. While also noting she never even apologized that she cheated, nor accepted that what she did is considered cheating.

Actually, should I even bother with this girl? I've tried dating other girls and sometimes I miss her emotionally but I know what we had is forever lost due to how much she broke my trust so I at least want to stay friends (with benefits) with her because she's hot and fun to be around (but I'm not going to bother getting in a proper relationship with her again.). Makes me realize how fucked I am too.

What should I do? Hit her with a message saying I want to be "friends" with her and see how things go?

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