An Armed Robber That Save My Life During Robbery Was A Man I Gave N50 On A Valentine's Day—My Story

Two days from now is Valentine's Day, and it is obvious that people are already preparing ahead of it. Everyone usually acts differently on Valentine's Day and this is caused as a result of different ideology or mindset regarding valentine.

It is wise to know that both positive and negative things occurs without minding the day or season therefore everyone is urged to take actions that won't lead to regret. I could remember how a man I gave N50 (Fifty Naira) for transport on a Valentine's Day saved my life while he was among some armed rubbers that invaded my neighborhood. 

My name is Precious Andrew, am from Bayelsa State, but I live in Port Harcourt city, on the 14th of February 2020 I was in a commercial vehicle while going to Mile 1 market so that I can get some food stuff to prepare food for my children, but I sighted a man who was walking on the major road, he was walking along Mile 1 road and was tiredly carrying a heavy bag on his back under the hot sun. 

I felt so pity for him, so I decided to drop from the vehicle to meet him, I greeted him and try to know the direction he was going to. He discloses that he is walking towards a street which was still distanced from his current location. I was really touched, I wasn't with much money but couldn't leave without assisting him.

I gave him N50 which was able to take him to his destination and he was very happy, he appreciated me a lot and there was a sudden joy in my heart. It was valentine, so I felt very happy after showing love to him.

Months later, I went to the market and on the way back home, there was sudden traffic that kept me out till night hours. When I got to my street at Egbelu Ozodo, Obio/Akpor LGA, it was already 10:00p.m, I dropped from the vehicle but noticed that the surrounding was unusual. I was quickly walking to my house when I saw some armed men who had completed an operation, there were allegedly unmasking themselves and hiding their gun in order to avoid been suspected. 

One of them which seems to be the leader ordered that they should shoot me immediately, I apologized in tears, but they shouted at me. They were focused on the fact that I have seen their faces and might report them to the police.

One of the armed men was about to shoot, but he was ordered to stop. The man who seems to be their leader of the group walked closer to me, he could recognize me, but I couldn't recognize him. He told me that I was the lady who gave him money for transport some months ago, and I was shocked and couldn't say anything. He suddenly ordered that they should free me and that was how I escaped death. 

That was actually a lesson to me, I learned to continuously show love to people I know and those I don't. I therefore urged everyone to show true love to both the known and unknown even as you celebrate the upcoming valentine. Love is not only meant for relationships between a male or a female, valentine is not really all about drinking, eating and clubbing, it is a time to display the True Acts of Love which doesn't select or discriminate.

Happy Valentine's Day In Advance!

I hope you learned from this?

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