Apart from me, who else can not even sleep again because valentine preparation?

Valentine's day, also called Saint valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14th significant feast day of Saint valentine, the celebration of love and affection. Yes am here to share my experience with people even about this coming valentine day. I have prepared my things for my lovely friend, even i can not even sleep again because of preparation. I also prepare some special clothes for my self not for my girlfriend o but by my self only.

I am trying to prepare the following things for my family and friends for this coming valentine day. I prepare my bed room well for romance an also am thinking to prepare some special food for my lovely girl friend because she promised me that she will be with me on the valentine day, am saying this because i can't control my laugh again, am happy to hear this from her when she call me last week night. She's said i should prepare special food such as like streets food in Nigeria, i didn't knew Nigeria streets food before thanks God that i have her as my girlfriend. It takes me five days before i understand that "beans cake" akara is one one street food in Nigeria because of this i need to ask my mother to support me to prepare this special food for her

i prepare some love poems
Yes i have went to some literature students and some literature teachers in including some professors to get my self prepared for this upcoming valentine day with some good poems to offer my love girl friend, some people are asking me what is going on with of this my preparation i didn't mind because only me know this. Apart from joke, some literature experts teach me some quality English poem to make my girlfriend laugh on this valentine day good poems like

(1) i can hear her voice even when she is silent, i can see her eyes even when i close my eyes, i can feel her touch even when she is far away from me, it doesn't matter whether she is near me or far away from me, she is always with me every moment and each second of my life.

This poem takes me 6 months before I understand that it, but thank God victory at least. Another poems is.

(2) your kiss is sweeter than carriers, your love is more beautiful than a bed of roses, your toch is stronger than a mountain, your voice is as claiming as the morning birds singing. You remain in ma heart forever my love

This is another poem that I prepare for valentine day another one this

(3) it feels nice to miss you so i m missing you. it feels nice to think about you, so im thinking about you. It feels nice to disturb you, so im disturbing you. It feels nice to love you, so i love u dear.

I personally prepared this lovely poem for my lovely upcoming wife. I also cleaned my bed room so that i will no being blamed myself about how to clean my room by myself. I have washed all my plates. I also washed my brother car as preparation for valentine days although i didn't have car on my own but my brother have. Let me pray to God that maybe my brother can borrow me his car, i a if i gets some little money i can go to car wash and rent a special car for that day only because it promises my girlfriend that we are going out with car, i have prepared my self ooo apart from joke gather you friend here an let us laugh away our sorrow. Up valentine!!! Up valentine!!! Up valentine, Nigeria youth should be wisely =

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