Avoid Excessive Intake Of These 4 Substances So As To Maintain Clear Eye Sight

The most painful thing that can happen to human being is when you take your eye health for granted till when the eye start developing some bad conditions. A lot of people takes this for granted and they finally regretted it after they started having eye issues. Many people lost their eyes because of what they were addicted in consuming. Not all foods are meant for us to eat excessively as we all know that too much of everything can affect us.

In case you don't know, i will like to tell you that the foods we eats has a lot of impact in our eyes. Some foods has negative impact while some has possible impact. Before eye will develop problems, there are some signs you will notice but some people don't understand these signs while some even takes them for granted. If your eyes are about to have problem, there is a way you can detect which i will like to tell you.

The picture below indicates blind eye

How do I detect whether I have eye problem?

There are lots of ways you can detect whether you have eye problem or not. Meanwhile eye problems comes in so many ways. But when you start experiencing blurred vision, redness of the eye, too much eye pressure, impeding eye problem, itching in the eye, just know that you have developed eye problem. But what is really important is that there are some things which we are doing that are causing these problems, and I'm ready to explain them one by one in this article. This article is very important for everyone of us, so you need to read it carefully in oder to understand my point.

Below are the pictures of eyes affected with eye diseases

In this article, I will be sharing you 4 substances which we should stop taking excessively so as to maintain clear eye sight. A lot of people has developed eye problem due to the excessive intake of these foods so you need to learn from it.

These 4 substances are detailed below:

1) Excessive intake of fried foods.

It is very obvious that fried foods have high fat content and they are very bad for our health.

Immediately fatty acids and oil becomes too much in the blood stream, this will increase the level of cholesterol in the body and before you will know, it will lead to bad cholesterol levels. When the cholesterol becomes high in your body, it will make you to develop heart, liver or kidney problems. And when the kidney, liver or heart start developing problems due to the problem caused by too much intake of oil, automatically, the eye will also be affected. This is because the muscles and nerves that controls the eye will find it difficult to do their job. So from this stage, the eye will start developing different problems. So in order to avoid this, stop eating too much of fried foods.

2) Excessive intake of sugary content

As we all know, too much of sugar is bad for our body because it elevates blood glucose levels in our body and this may lead to diabetes. If you develop diabetes and you continue eating sugary content, this will make liver and kidney to weak and it will lead to a stage where the problem will start affecting eye in the form of GLAUCOMA, CATARACT and other diseases. So you need to reduce the consumption of sugary content so as to avoid this.

3) Excessive intake of salt

Immediately salt becomes high in the blood, the person has high tendency of developing high blood pressure. Too much of salt in the blood also weak the heart blood vessels and nerves. Immediately this occur, it will be difficult for heart to pump enough blood while the brain lacks oxygen. It will also be difficult for eye nerves to send impulses to the brain. Before you will know, you will start having different eye problems.

4) Smoking and Excessive intake of alcohol

According to medial experts, smoking and too much intake of alcohol will affect lung, it also introduces harmful gas to the blood stream. Apart from that, it will also make one to experience shortage of oxygen in the body. Smoking and excessive intake of alcohol will cause kidney and liver diseases and immediately kidney and liver start having health issues, the eye will also be affected.

I hope you have learned something in this article? Kindly appreciate this author by dropping your comment below, and share the article to your loved ones.

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