Days of Our Lives Spoilers: One Dead, Two More People to Die. Click Here For More Info!

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: One death down, two to go.

We all know Salem is bracing for a whodunnit murder mystery and rumors have been swirling that it’s Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) who will be meeting his maker. Being that our (alleged) victim is Charlie, the murderer could be just about anyone. But no matter whodunnit, we feel safe in saying Charlie is our death number two.

So, now the big question. Who is the third Salemite with only numbered days ahead of them? Rumors say it is someone surrounding the current big Ciara’s kidnapping storyline and that the death is a suicide.

Maybe Ciara talks Rhodes (Jason Downs) into taking his own life (or perhaps his real valentines date didn’t go so well).

Maybe it will be another off-screen occurrence and viewers hear only a secondhand account of Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) taking her own life from a broken heart?

Or maybe we are completely off track!

The only way to truly know who our second and third victims will be is to tune into Days of Our Lives, weekdays on NBC at 1pm ET. 

Until then, use the comments section below to let us know who you think will meet their maker before February sweeps are over.

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