Fans Reacts as Eric and Brenda Kissed on Screen Admid Coronavirus Pandemic

Viewers of Emmerdale ITV Soap were very surprised after Eric and Brenda was seen kissing on TV. 

That isn't a problem but following the fact that we are in pandemic whereby social distancing is advice. 

Not only that, Other characters in the show are keeping social distancing. Now my question is why will Eric Pollard and Brenda Walker kiss why others keep two meters away? 

Some Reactions From Fans Below:

Taking to Twitter one fan wrote: "My head was just screaming 'social distance'."

Another person wrote: "What? What? How come those two can have physical interaction yet everyone else can't? Are they living together in real life?"

A third fan said: "Wow Eric and Brenda actually kissed, no camera trickery, a proper kiss."

And a fourth viewer asked: "Is Eric and her married in real life?"

Don't you think this is risky? 

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