General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of February 15 - 19, 2021

Episode 14667 AIR DATE: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2021

Brando feigns ignorance. Ava and Nikolas celebrate Valentine’s Day. Portia accompanies Curtis on a stake-out. Britt enlists Jason’s help. Lucas misinterprets a situation.

Episode 14668 AIR DATE: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2021

Nikolas promises to keep Ava safe. Franco tries to make light of a bad situation. Jordan is grateful for her time with TJ. Cameron looks to Trina for support. Michael’s date is interrupted.

Episode 14669 AIR DATE: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2021

Jax is conflicted. Michael and Willow process everything that has happened over the past few days. Maxie offers Nina her support. Britt makes a plea to Obrecht. Anna reaches out to Peter.

Episode 14670 AIR DATE: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2021

Maxie passionately defends Peter to Britt. Alexis looks to make amends with Olivia. Carly wonders what Nina will do next. Obrecht barely avoids a confrontation. Robert laments to Jason there isn’t any way to stop Maxie from marrying Peter.

Episode 14671 AIR DATE: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2021

Portia pleads with Jordan to keep Taggert out of jail. Curtis confides in Sam that he’s looking for a change of pace. Jackie and Martin make strides in tracking down Florence. Laura gives Nikolas advice regarding his relationship with Spencer. Ava stands her ground.

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