Girls Do This Thing To Avoid Getting Unwanted Pregnancy

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration of romantic love. With love often comes s£x. When unprotected, it can lead to pregnancy and, when unintended, to regret. Unintended pregnancy often leads to family instability, poor educational and labor market outcomes, and lower chances at upward mobility.

At this time of year it can feel as though everyone has a girl/boyfriend, but don’t feel pressurised into doing something you don’t want to do just so you also have a partner on Valentine's Day.

However, it very important to spend the valentine with true love, it is not a time of making out. It is a time of showing real and normal love which is ‘Agape’ Love.

Adolescent pregnancies that can lead to unsafe ab®rtions and other health risks. The most recent Demographic Health Survey indicated that early pregnancy increases the risk of death among adolescents. Further, pregnancy considerably reduces a young woman’s chances of continuing her studies and puts her at risk of s£xually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS. In fact, young women are three times as likely as young men to become infected with HIV.

First of all you need to have condoms for use if necessary. It is not always the guy who has to buy condoms. Most often he will forget. But you will need it more than him when you actually get to it. So never forget to keep some handy. It does not mean you are expecting to get pregnant.

Make sure you are prepared for the most romantic day of the year, and take care of your partner by always having condoms.

Source: Google.

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