“I'm Not Finding My Wife Attractive Anymore, Please, What Should I Do?” - White Man Cries Out For Help

The reasons most peoples finds their partner attractive and then goes into relationship, and then suddenly, their love for each other fades away is something that I need explanations for. 

A white man who is known as Clide J. Edward had taken to his Facebook accounts to narrate what he has been going through and also seeking advice from people to solve it.

He made it clear on Facebook that he no longer finds his wife attractive anymore. He said that the reason is something he does not know.

After saying, he does not find his wife attractive anymore, he also said that it started happening after his wife gave birth to their second child. He said that after the birth of their second child, his wife stopped maintaining herself and that's a big turn off for him. 

He requested for help and encouragement from people, asking them to help him and solve the problem of not finding his wife attractive. Afterward, many other white peoples went ahead to drop their opinions at the comment section, which you can see the comments down below.

As he had tabled it out, their ain't any place he said that his wife hate him or don't find him attractive anymore, which you have already known what it would be if he divorces her. Divorcing her for not just finding her attractive will hurt the woman very bad.

In my own opinion as a writer, as he said, his wife stopped maintaining herself after their second son birth wish is a very big turn off to him. If I were to encourage him, I would have told him to table his problem to his wife, and surely, I know that the problem would be solved.

What do you have to say about this man's situation of not finding his wife attractive anymore? Do you think that he should divorce her and look for another wife? Or table the matter to his wife, so they can fight lack of maintenance and regain their love for each other?

Table your comment at the comment section because there are many relationships that are suffering this same problem of not finding their partners attractive.

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