My Valentine Experience With My Mum That Made Me Understand True Love

I've always had this thought in my head that as a human, I was incapable of love. Lots of times, I watch romance movies and then break down into tears but that is where it all ends.

I see my friends update their social media page sharing photos of their loved ones, I feel happy for them and I wish I could relate to their feelings.

I've always thought I loved my mum, I look at her and feel that I love her but I know deep within that I have no emotional attachment to her but it all ended last year on valentine's day when my mum after complaining of how broke she was, still bought me a wristwatch for Valentine because I kept complaining of how needed one. That act of hers made me realize the sacrifices she makes for me.

It wasn't that I was incapable of love, I just hadn't found what will trigger that feeling of love I have.

Now every day, I can't help but worry for my mother. Each day she goes to work, I pray that she finds her way back to me. This valentine's experience with my mum has made me comprehend the deeper meaning of true love.

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