She Was Scared To Post Her Photos For Fear Of Being Body Shamed, When She Finally Did, See Reactions

One of unreal thing that happen with ladies that are plus size is the pressure on them on how they are made. Some do have the fear of being free when they are outside. 

Social Media got loads of critics and this beautiful lady with the Twitter account handle maybesaffs who is endowed pretty Plus Size Lady Shared Her Picture online and she captioned it with.

"If I Post this picture and I get body Shamed, I go deactivate"

Luckily for her, she wasn't made feel bad for putting up the courage of posting the picture as men online adored this pretty young lady.

It's a tough one for them but self love will surely win over the pressure they feel as a fat lady. Because they had no control of how their body are being made. And most people don't ussually do surgery to gain more weight but to reduce. Here are what people are saying about the girl.

Plus size women are the best and they will always be. This will be a huge boost for other Plus Size Ladies and it's high time for the Body Shamer to stop doing this.

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