Watch The Bold and the Beautiful 02-16-21 Full episode | B&B 16th February 2021

The Bold and the Beautiful 02-16-21 Full episode | B&B 16th February 2021

Hope admits to Liam that the results of Steffy’s paternity test has her questioning everything. Finn makes his intentions clear to Steffy.

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The Bold and the Beautiful 02-16-21 Full episode

Finn went to the cabin and Hope told him that Liam was with Steffy and Kelly. He wanted to talk to her about Thomas. She wanted to be sure Thomas wasn’t obsessed with her anymore. He wondered if she believed Thomas moved on from her. She said Liam didn’t think Thomas was over her. 

She thought about Thomas telling her about being a family with her and Douglas. She told Finn she thought Thomas was changing. Finn wondered if she believed Thomas was over her. Finn thought he had a right to be concerned since he was dating Steffy. He noticed how Thomas felt about Liam. She knew their bad history, but she was sure they could get past it.

Liam was shocked to see Thomas kissing Hope. He closed the door and left. Thomas enjoyed the kiss until he realized he was kissing the mannequin. He couldn’t believe he kissed a mannequin. He wanted it to stay away from. He knew Hope didn’t want him, but the mannequin insisted that she did want him. She wanted him to kiss Hope. He thought the mannequin was evil. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He and the mannequin argued over Hope. He didn’t want Hope to be afraid of him. She told him to go after Hope. Finn arrived at his apartment. Thomas told him it was a bad time.  He told him that he was concerned about him.

Steffy looked at the picture of her and Liam when he showed up. He was upset when he arrived. She wanted to know what happened. He told her how he heard Thomas pouring his heart out to Hope. He said he opened the door and saw Thomas kissing Hope. 

Next on B&B, Zende begs Paris for a second chance and a fresh start after Carter issued her a warning. The Logan sisters come together as Brooke and Donna weigh in with Katie about her relationship with Dollar Bill. 

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