Valentine: 8 Lies You Are Allowed to Tell in Your Relationship

Being truthful is one of the qualities everyone wants in their partners. That's because no one wants to have a partner that cannot be trusted. Having a partner that lies is therefore frowned at by everyone. 

However, there are times in a relationship that it is absolutely okay to tell lies to your partner. Telling these will not destroy the relationship, instead it will strengthen it.

Being truthful is fantastic but at times it is better to tell the lies. One thing about such lies are that the people we are telling these kids know the obvious truth. Hence, they would be more pleased with the lies than the truths.

So, you begin to wonder what exactly I am trying to say here. Lies as I have said earlier is what we all do not want from our partners but in some situations, it is better that lies are told. So, in such situations, it is better to tell the lies.

Without, delaying further, let's take a look at 8 lies you are allowed to tell.

8. His or her looks.

While everyone has their spec when it comes to the type of man and woman they want to be with. Everyone wants a beautiful lady or a handsome man. Love is above the looks of our partners. So, if you have chosen to love a man or a woman who is not the most beautiful or handsome of persons, you should always tell her that she is.

This may not be true, but it will aid your relationship. That partner knows this too but so you are allowed to lie about it as it will make him or her feel secured. Although, you know it's not really true, you should still say she looks beautiful every time.

7. When comparing him or her.

In fact, it is unhealthy to compare your partner with another person. So, don't try to do that. However, should you choose to compare your partner to someone else, you should tell him or her that he or she is better than that person.

Your partner is not blind too to know the obvious but being truthful to tell him or her that someone is better than them will not go down well with her. Therefore, you are allowed to twist your verdict during any comparison of your partner with someone else.

6. Her cooking.

To tell you man that her foot is not sweet may not go down with her. To tell her that there is too much salt or that the quantity she added I not enough may also kill her morale. Instead, you should tell her that 'it is nice, but could be better with little more salt or if the salt is lessened as the case may be.

At least that sounds nice compared to stating it categorically that the food is not sweet or that the salt is too much. Saying it is nice may not be true, but it is better to say it.

5. When complementing her.

When you are complementing your partner, it is allowed to exaggerate some adjectives you are going to use. By now, you should know that while ladies fall by what they hear, even men love to hear sweet things too.

So, be witty in your talks, call her sweet names, exaggerate her beauty even if such words you may use are not true. It is allowed. It will boost her self-esteem.

4. You love him or her more than anything.

As a man, you may really love football, drinking, plantain or something else more than anything. However, never say more than your girlfriend or wife. Even it you do love these things more than her, don't ever say it to her.

3. Your comment about a possible deficiency in her physical appearance.

If you are dating a partner that is really chubby or has a certain deficiency, you should complement that deficiency instead of highlighting it. The deficiency is probably something she can't correct or change and certainly not her fault. Maybe she is chubby or something.

So, when he or she asks for your opinion about it, you should tell him or her that that particular things even makes you love him or her more. Saying that particular deficiency disfigures her or something may ruin your relationship, even if it is the truth that it disfigures her.

2. You are more important than anything.

You should tell your partner that she is the most important thing in your life even if there are one or two things that are more important. To some people, their mother is most important. For others, it's their job. We can't blame them.

However, when your partner comes into the picture, the honest truth of you having someone or something more important may damage your relationship. So, a little lie should come in. Tell her him or her that she is the most important thing in your life.

1. It is fine.

The three words statement does not look anything like a lie but in some situations it is. When things are a bit dull between you too and he or she asks how things are, it is better to say “it is fine”.

Instead of saying things like “I am mad at you”, “I am disappointed”, “I hate this” and so on, it is better to say it is well. This may not be true depending on what is on ground, but it will lessen tensions giving you both room to calmly sort things out.

What do you make of this article? Do you agree it's content?

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