We met on my way to the hospital on Valentine day 2 years ago but now, we are married with a kid

It has been in my nature to reach out to people who I think have less. This is not because I have much but when I look around me and see that I have people at my age and even people older than me who may not afford what I can afford at this stage, I become so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity and I love to extend to others.

This actually doesn't mean that I have achieved so much but the little steps I have taken in life have made significant footprints.

During my birthdays, what I call celebration is, going out to reach out to the poor people. I am not saying this thing to take pride in myself but just to use the experience I have to teach people how to add the right meanings into any occasion that comes up.

When we talk about love in any form, it shouldn't be misinterpreted. Love is love and lust is lust. There is no amount of definition that can be given to lust to make it love.

This is why a lot of people complain of heartbreak because they misinterpreted what they mean and what they intend to get. Haven known the characteristics and the virtues of love, we should remember that patience, perseverance, tolerance, understanding, humanity, honesty and faithfulness are characteristics of love and anything that does not portray these virtues have literally moved from love to lust.

Two years ago during Valentine, I used the little money I had to purchase some gifts even though I was still a student then. I got those gifts intending to take them to the hospital on Valentine's day because then, I normally do visit hospitals and orphanages and each time I visit, I see reasons to do more of that.

On the valentine day, I carried my gifts from my hostel at Odim gate because I was a student of UNN. I came out to board a taxi, while I was standing at Bitch junction to take a bike to the hospital, I saw a car coming close to me. I adjusted my stand thinking the driver was being arrogant but never knew he wanted to talk to me.

He stopped before me and said hello. I responded to his greetings and he asked where I was going. I told him I was going somewhere and he teased me saying, "you're carrying those gifts to your boyfriend". I smiled but didn't respond.

He asked which side I was going so we could ride together. I told him the name of the hospital and he asked if any of my relatives was admitted in the hospital but I said no. I was scared because I've never met him. I wasn't even comfortable with him talking with me because I already wanted to go to my destination.

To cut the story short, I entered his car. Surprisingly, when we got to the gate of the hospital, I told him to drop me there but he said we could go together. I accepted.

We entered the premises together. I brought out the gifts I got from the back seat but I was surprised when he opened his car boot and brought out 5 bags of rice, cartons of Noddles, flowers and some beverages.

I asked him if he was initially going for such visit and he said yes but he didn't know any hospital around so he was looking for someone who could escort him.

I was surprised but that was how and when our relationship started. We became friends and close ones at that.

A lot happened because we both were like we had same level of reasoning which was a bit difficult for us to compromise but I started feeling the love when he started making compromise to suit my life and I gradually started compromising too.

We continued till October 2019. We went to sogo emporium to have lunch one afternoon and that was where he silently proposed to me. I accepted with so much joy. We fixed our marriage ceremonies after he came with his parents to see my parents.

Now, we are happily married with a bouncing baby boy. Now my thought is, what if I was somewhere else apart from going out to show love? What if I had selfishly decided to use my money and buy only things I'll eat? Would I have had the chance meet the love of my life? Marrying him has been one of the greatest blessings I can count so far.

That was how valentine blessed me with true love.

Picture credit: Google: Pinterest. For the sake of anonymity.

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