What Should I Do If My Partner Is Attracted To Someone Else?

Attraction occurs when interest has been evoked towards someone else other than one's partner due to one reason or the other.

Well, I’ll say It's not something strange or too weird if your partner is attracted to someone else as long as he or she is not a flirt or an infidel, hence no call for alarm.

What I'm saying in essence is that it's quite normal if your partner is attracted to someone else but it becomes abnormal when he or she begins to make advances like engaging the person.

Engagement can be doing anything with the person in order to continue to nurse the attraction. You should therefore appreciate it If your partner informs you about it and you shouldn't raise an alarm.

Perhaps you are the one who noticed yourself, it's still fine, don't freak out still, all you have to do is to take advantage of the situation.

How do I mean? For your partner to get attracted to another person, it means that there might be something he or she appreciates about the person.

Also know that this attraction can be so spontaneous, hence your partner does not usually have the intention of hurting you. Just that s/he might have seen something unusual s/he appreciates and might not even be sure of what is responsible for the attraction.

In that case, find out what is attracting your partner and work on it. Step up your game, I bet you, it's going to be worth it big time. But then, don't force things, as much as it is required of you to boost your attraction.

Also, be careful not to figure things out on your own, rather work it out with your partner, s/he understands what s/he wants better.

Conclusively, attraction is not bad but it should not be acted upon. You can only react if your partner makes a move even after being attracted to the fellow.

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