Written Update: NBC Days of Our Lives Full Episodes, Gabi Declares War on Jake

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This is Days of our Lives Online Free Written Update. Incase you missed today's Episode read below to know what happened in the show.

Sarah finds Xander at the Kiriakis mansion excitedly preparing to celebrate their engagement with Maggie. Sarah explains Maggie has gone to see Summer in Vegas. Sarah’s upset because her sister’s last visit was what set off the chain of events leading to the baby switch. Xander apologies for everything that happened with Mickey. He’s grateful she forgave him though. She is happy they found their way back to each other too.

Xander wonders if this means they have to put off their wedding. Sarah relays that Maggie told her not to postpone. Maggie also wants them to have the wedding at the mansion so Victor can be part of it. Xander doesn’t want Victor or Philip near their wedding. Sarah understands, but feels caught in the middle. She doesn’t want to upset her mother, but she also wants Xander to be happy. Xander assures her he’s happy as long as he’s with her. After more discussion, Xander agrees to hold the ceremony there for Maggie. Sarah leads him upstairs to show her gratitude.

In his office, Philip tells Gabi her company is a great fit for Titan and welcomes her to the company. Gabi goes on and on about how they’ll decimate Jake, leading Philip to question her motives for working with him — does she want revenge on Jake or want him back? Gabi admits she gave it one last try with Jake, but he rejected her. Philip can relate to rejection and tells her about Chloe. Gabi calls Chloe a fool, but Philip thinks she’s into Brady. Gabi finds nothing takes the sting out of rejection more than crushing their enemies. They shake on their deal.

Kate vents to Jake about Charlie at the DiMera mansion. She has half a mind to hold him accountable all by herself. Jake suggests she not do anything crazy. Kate didn’t think he’d care since he’s so caught up with Gabi. Jake wonders what it will take to convince her she’s who he wants to be with. Kate doesn’t know. Jake has a couple of ideas. He grabs her hand and leads her away.

After having sex upstairs, Jake asks Kate again to work with him at DiMera. Kate agrees. She leaves the room to write her letter of resignation to Abe. Jake gets a text message from Gabi declaring war.

At home, Claire gets Charlie to admit he raped Allie while secretly recording on her phone. She continues to pretend she doesn’t judge him, but suggests he go home and they’ll talk tomorrow. Charlie counters that they had a big breakthrough and suggests they really “be together.” He leans in to kiss her, but she flinches. She explains her parents could be home any minute. He suggests she come to her place instead. She tells him to go ahead and she’ll meet him after she freshens up. He says they could shower at his place together.

As Belle walks through the Square, she gets a call from Shawn who asks to meet for dinner. She says she’ll call Claire to join them.

Charlie and Claire hear her phone ring. Charlie’s confused considering Claire said she silenced it so they wouldn’t be interrupted. When Charlie grabs it, he discovers the phone was recording them. He can’t believe she set him up. He throws the phone on the couch and yells at her. Rattled, Claire asks him to leave. Charlie says that’s not going to happen.

Claire calls for help when Charlie angrily walks toward her. Belle bursts through the door, ordering Charlie away from her daughter. Claire tells Belle she got his confession on her phone. Belle and Charlie both lunge for the phone. Charlie grabs it and deletes the recording. Belle threatens to kill Charlie, who dares her to try. Belle embraces Claire after Charlie leaves.

When Kristen, as Susan, finds Chloe caring for a shirtless Brady, she orders her away from him. “Susan” insists she’s more qualified to help and pushes Chloe out of the way. Brady says he’d rather have Chloe do it. Chloe takes over bandage duties again. “Susan” tries to make Brady doubt Chloe and then asks about Rachel. Brady tells her she’s out with John and Marlena. “Susan” suggests Chloe go before Rachel gets home, but Chloe says they get along really well. Chloe says they have more work to do anyway, but Brady says he’s kind of tired. They agree to call it a night. Kristen slams the door on Chloe and says to Brady, “We are alone at last.” She makes him his favorite grilled cheese sandwich.

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